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Angels No More, NINEDIVIDE- Music Video

Project Type: Music Video, Creative, Production


This project was the one that got away. This project had it all, a great song, a fun band, AMAZING LOCATIONS, and a genuine want to include storytelling elements. The only thing we didn't predict was the unexpected outcome of attention.

This video was filmed in an abandoned small-town airport in the middle of winter. This was done to give the A-roll shots a tilt of strangeness with seeing the musician's breath, and later on, the ice flying off the drums, which was improvised in the moment. In between takes, the musicians would run to GIANT air heaters set up off camera, as seen in photos, to grab at warmth. The Broll and story elements to this video were loosely thought up of and the band was a great sport at entertaining me as I crafted the narrative around the shots I wanted, even going as far as letting me interrupt their music with a small short of drama.

Upon publishing, this video was popular. It saw thousands of views in its first few hours, was mentioned on the radio, and after a couple of days reached over 30,000 plays. Shortly after though, the video was taken down when the band's Facebook page was mysteriously deleted because of some drama within the band that led to their eventual breakup.


NOTES: The band members went on to other bands and have been seen in many of my other music videos. They are all great people and I wish them the best. The loss of the project so suddenly after its publishing was heartbreaking, and almost mirrored a dissolving in my own working relationships with the small video team I was running at the time. Since then I've been more inclined to think of projects through a lens of individual effort, bringing in people only when it's very necessary to do so.

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