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Figure You Out, Maren Ord - Music Video

Project Type: Music Video, Creative, Production


Maren Ord was best known for her hit song "Perfect," and when I got the chance to work with her on a new song, I was thrilled. This project came from Red Black Recording in High River, Alta.

This music video took about two weeks on planning. The location was The John Scott farm which has been the set of big movies like "Shang High Noon," and "The Revenant." Because we had such an amazing location, we decided to make the most of it and filmed 2 other music videos throughout the day. We had wildfire smoke that created a soft and moody atmosphere for all the videos.



NOTES: The aspect to have the long tracking shot in the middle of the video came from wanting to show off the inside of the filming house, which I found to be very very cool. It was a last-minute thought and risk that I think really worked out!

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