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Project Spotlight: Steve Price

Project Type: Client Testimonial, Interviews


This client testimonial was made for Absorb Software and spotlighted Steve Price, the owner of a company responsible for training over 150,000 active learners a day. This project took 1 day to film, with a 1 hour interview and me collecting a content library of the Absorb offices and the way they interact with their clients. This was my first video produced with this client, and since i've been back to film over 16 other similar videos. Absorb Software has also used me for branding headshots and event coverage.



* demo videos are sometimes sent to help video editors understand intent and capabilities of footage



NOTES: Steve was an amazing subject to interview. He was charismatic, enthused and had a genuine interest in the filming process. When I was brought onto the project, I was asked if there was anything I could do to help with Steve's message getting through without putting emphasis on the way he speaks. For this I chose to use a wider shot that placed emphasis on the subject through composition. The added benefit to this was the capturing of Steve's many animated hand motions and characteristics.

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