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Southern Dust, Stonegate - Music Video

Project Type: Music Video, Creative, Production


As has happened many times before, this music video really took on a life of its own. High River band Stonegate approached me with their song Southern Dust and we brainstormed a concept that involved a band playing on the back of a semi-truck. With that image in mind, we leverage the band's personal and work connections to make this happen. Filming involved me dancing around on the back of the truck while the band cycled through their song. The storyline of the truck driver was a bit of comedy we that came from a throwaway line about what kind of person would just pick up a band.

This music video took about a week to plan, one day to film, and two days to edit. A big part of these grand ideas is to move with momentum and act quickly before we get discouraged over the size of the project.



NOTES: I was brought onto this project for my connection with some band members who I've worked with before on previous videos for different bands. Being the touchpoint for visual help for these guys has been a real privilege.

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