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Take You, Hayden Mchugh - Music Video

Project Type: Music Video, Creative, Production


Hayden Mchugh approached me with a new song he was working on that had a lot of energy. From there we decided to use Calgary's many innercity locations coupled with a glittering piano that Hayden made to match his song's fast pace!

Dance troupe "The Tomorrows" lent their amazing talents and choreography to this project and it really brought that extra element to carry the middle part of this video. The final scenes at twilight were filmed at Scottsmans Hill during the Calgary Stampede to take advantage of the Stampede fireworks!


NOTES: Hayden Mchugh was a really great sport in encouraging my ideas. on this video. The number of locations we hauled the piano to was A LOT and this was a very long day for him as a performer, his friend for dragging the piano around, and myself for the filming. I am proud of this finished product!

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