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TKW Golf Tournament 2023

Project Type: Non-Profit, Filmmaker, Photographer, Media Sponsor

I was the media sponsor of the 2023 TKW Golf Tournament doing a promotional film, photography, and more!

The Toni Kohn-Woodward Foundation is committed to supporting young women struggling to find their way, by offering them intensive support and life skills development to build independence to successfully transition into post-secondary school, and build a strong foundation for a bright future.

Financial support

  • Educational – tuition, tutors, books, and supplies

  • Financial planning and counseling

  • Assistance in obtaining part-time work

Educational support

  • Academic guidance

  • Tutoring, internships

  • Career planning, assistance in work placement

Social support

  • Counseling, group programs and team-building exercises

  • Social experiences to foster independence

  • Motivational speakers, mentorships

Healthy lifestyle management support

  • Structured fitness programs

  • Nutritional counseling



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