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New York Lights, Craig Carswell- Music Video

Project Type: Music Video, Creative, Production


Behind most creators is a driving force bringing projects their way, for me and my relationship to making music videos for bands in southern Alberta, this has been Craig Carswell of Red Black Recording, who trusted me with showing the world his voice.

After wrapping up our filming of Maren Ord's Figure You Out, we decided to take advantage of The John Scott Farm's amazing filming location and make a video of our producer, Craig Carswell. At the time of this filming, he hadn't released any music and this was my first time hearing him sing. I was so surprised at his voice that I thought about making a simple video that would help people focus on what I thought was amazing, Craig Carswell's voice.


NOTES: Centre composed with a slow pan in and out may seem like a lazy choice, especially given my history of swooping tracking shots and fast-paced transitions, but there is something so refreshing about slowing the video down and getting out of the way of the music or content I'm trying to show. I'm very happy with the result and can say this was a learning moment of how restraint can make a project better.

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