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Project Spotlight: All My Relations

Project Type: Documentry, Feature Length, Interviews, Activism, Non-profit

*The video above is the opening to the documentary. The film was produced to be shared within McMan Youth Family & Community agency and the interviews shared personal experiences. Out of respect to the interviewees, the full documentary will not be published publicly.


All My Relations came from the Indigenous Peer Advisory Circle (IPAC) members of McMan Youth Family & Community wanting to make their stories and individual cultures known within their wider agency. I was approached for my connection to one of the members and because of the trust developed from telling stories authentically from my previous career in journalism.What was meant to be a small video highlighting the differences in the IPAC members cultures soon turned into a feature-length interview-mashup-documentary where each subject detailed their individual experiences being Indigenous.



NOTES: This was a very special project and I feel privlaged to have helped in shairing these stories. I am a BIPOC artist and was surprised by how much seeing people of similar situations share thier stories inspired me.

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