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Unleashing the Power of Visual Content: The SilverTip's Guide to Commercial Photography and Video Marketing

Updated: Mar 24

Project Type: Commercial Photography, filmmaking and marketing

The Market at The Sivlertip photo by Maxwell Mawji
The Market at The Sivlertip photo by Maxwell Mawji

As the completion of The Silvertip Resort's newest addition, the Silvertip Market, drew near, I was enlisted to capture the essence of this bustling hub through commercial photography and video. Nestled against the majestic backdrop of the mountainside, the market promised to be a haven for resort guests and locals alike, offering a unique blend of European-inspired cuisine and stunning vistas. In this post, I'll delve into the intricacies of this project, detailing how my expertise in commercial photography played a pivotal role in showcasing the market's charm and culinary offerings.

Capturing the Essence of Silvertip Market Commercial Photography:

From the moment I stepped foot into the Silvertip Market, I was struck by its inviting ambiance and vibrant energy. Working closely with the marketing team, I embarked on a comprehensive photo and video shoot to document every facet of the space – from its sleek interior design to its mouthwatering menu offerings. Armed with my camera and keen eye for detail, I meticulously captured the market both in its vacant state and bustling with activity, employing models to portray kitchen and serving staff to add authenticity to the visuals.

Highlighting Culinary Delights:

At the heart of Silvertip Market's appeal lies its culinary offerings, which range from freshly brewed coffee and homemade pastries to artisan sandwiches, salads, and Italian-style pizzas. Through my lens, I aimed to showcase the diversity and quality of the market's menu, highlighting each dish's visual appeal and mouthwatering presentation. Whether it was capturing the steam rising from a piping hot bowl of soup or the vibrant colors of farm-fresh salads, my photography aimed to tantalize the taste buds and evoke a sense of culinary delight.

Embracing Versatility:

As a seasoned photojournalist, I thrived in the dynamic environment of the Silvertip Market, seamlessly transitioning between capturing still images and shooting video footage. This versatility was essential in effectively showcasing the market's diverse offerings and capturing the essence of its bustling atmosphere. Whether it was freezing a moment in time with a striking photograph or capturing the hustle and bustle of the kitchen in motion, my ability to adapt quickly and efficiently proved invaluable in producing compelling visual content for promotional use.

Optimizing Content for Promotion:

The media captured during the photo and video shoot has been strategically utilized across various promotional channels, including social media, news articles, and the resort's website. Leveraging my background in commercial photography, I worked closely with the marketing team to ensure that each piece of content aligned with the resort's branding and marketing objectives. From eye-catching social media posts showcasing mouthwatering dishes to immersive website galleries highlighting the market's ambiance, every element of the promotional strategy was carefully curated to attract and engage the target audience effectively.

Driving Engagement and Conversion:

As the Silvertip Market's promotional campaign gained momentum, the impact of our photography and videography became evident in driving engagement and conversion. Through targeted social media campaigns and strategic digital advertising, we reached a wide audience of potential patrons, enticing them with tantalizing visuals and irresistible offers. The result was not only increased foot traffic to the market but also a boost in online orders and reservations, validating the effectiveness of our commercial photography in driving business outcomes for the resort.


In the competitive landscape of hospitality and dining, compelling visual content plays a crucial role in capturing the attention of prospective patrons and driving engagement. Through my comprehensive commercial photography and video project at Silvertip Market, I had the privilege of showcasing the market's unique charm and culinary offerings to a global audience. From capturing the inviting ambiance of the space to highlighting the mouthwatering delights on the menu, every aspect of the project was aimed at enticing and captivating the target audience. As businesses continue to invest in visual storytelling as a key component of their marketing strategy, the importance of professional commercial photography in elevating brand perception and driving business growth cannot be overstated.

There was a video component to this as well, while the final assets were left for the client to develop, I rolled all material into a promo example that can be used to show how and where footage can be used throughout the seasons!

There was a video component to this as well, while the final assets were left for the client to develop, I rolled all material into a promo example that can be used to show how and where footage can be used throughout the seasons!


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