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Project Spotlight: Producing Return on Intelligence Podcast

Updated: Mar 25

Project Type: Video Podcast, Interviews


Welcome to the captivating world of Absorb Software's Return on Intelligence podcast, where learning leaders share their insights, successes, and challenges in navigating the dynamic landscape of corporate education. As the Senior Technical Producer of this groundbreaking podcast, I had the privilege of orchestrating its creation from conception to execution. In this SEO-friendly blog post, I'll take you behind the scenes of the podcast production process, highlighting my pivotal role in shaping its visual and auditory identity, and ensuring a seamless experience for our listeners.

The Beginning: Producing Return on Intelligence

Setting the Stage for Success As the brainchild of Absorb Software, Return on Intelligence was conceived as a platform to explore the intersection of technology, learning, and leadership. Tasked with bringing this idea to a visual medium, I embarked on a journey to create a podcast that would resonate with audiences, and drive meaningful conversations in the corporate learning community.

From Concept to Creation:

Orchestrating the Production Process As the Senior Technical Producer, I oversaw every aspect of the podcast production process, from conceptualization to execution. Drawing upon my expertise in audio, visual, and lighting technologies, I curated an immersive experience that captivated listeners and brought our guests' stories to life. Whether it was selecting the right equipment, crafting the perfect lighting setup, or fine-tuning the audio quality, I left no stone unturned in ensuring a flawless production.

Creating a Cohesive Visual Identity:

Shaping the Look and Feel of the Podcast In addition to the technical aspects of production, I played a crucial role in shaping the visual identity of Return on Intelligence. Collaborating with our creative team, I developed a distinct aesthetic that reflected the podcast's brand and ethos. From designing graphics and branding elements to establishing a cohesive color palette and visual style, I worked tirelessly to create a visually engaging experience that resonated with our audience.

Coaching the Host:

Elevating the Performance As part of my role, I also provided guidance and coaching to our host, ensuring that they delivered a compelling and authentic performance on camera. Drawing upon my experience in multimedia production and storytelling, I helped the host find their voice, refine their delivery, and connect with our audience on a deeper level. Through ongoing feedback and support, I empowered the host to deliver their best performance, fostering a strong connection with our listeners.

Ensuring Quality Consistency:

Establishing Production Systems One of my key responsibilities as Senior Technical Producer was to establish production systems that ensured quality consistency from episode to episode. By developing standardized workflows and procedures, I created a framework that enabled us to maintain a high level of quality and professionalism throughout the podcast series. Whether it was setting up equipment, conducting pre-production checks, or managing post-production tasks, our streamlined processes allowed us to deliver a polished and cohesive listening experience every time.


As I reflect on my role as Senior Technical Producer of Absorb Software's Return on Intelligence podcast, I am proud to have played a part in bringing this transformative platform to life. From shaping its visual and auditory identity to coaching the host and establishing production systems, my contributions have helped elevate the podcast to new heights of success. As we continue to explore the ever-evolving landscape of corporate learning, I am excited to see the impact that Return on Intelligence will have on the industry and the professionals it serves.



Notes: This project has been a real team collaboration with the client in control of publishing. I don't know when they will decide to publish the podcast, but when they do I'll update this post to help keep it relevant.


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