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Somewhere Between, Stonegate- Music Video

Updated: Mar 25

Project Type: Music Video, Creative, Production


Familure clients and rockband Stonegate asked me to help out with thier song release of Somewhere Between, a song that had a bit of a different vibe. The project came together in a few messages of being in a cold field surrounded by fire and fireworks. The Flames jerseys were a last minute touch by the bad to show support for the local NHL team.

Im happy with how the project turned out, everyhting from filming to editing felt easy, and the final result has a rebel feel to it. in less than 4 days since relase, the video passed 15,000 views making it the most popular video the band had put out!

Stonegate Music Video


NOTES: Awesome project with a quick turnaround! Its since blown up for the band on youtube and I couldn't be happier!

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